Newborn Tips

These are some guidelines to help try to make your newborn session go as smoothly as possible. This isn’t a guarantee, but just general tips.

*Images seen on my site and blog were achieved with babies under 14 days of age. Your session is best booked in the first 5-10 days of life.

*A full newborn session can last up to 4 hours. Please make sure you have enough food to feed your baby for up to 6 hours. You never know when babies will decide to eat a lot and often. Best to be prepared.

*Please make sure you have given the baby a full feeding prior to my arrival at your home and be prepared to feed in your chosen method at some point during the session.

*Please bring a pacifier with you (unless you are opposed to them). Even if your baby doesn’t always take a pacifier, it can often help soothe them between poses.

*In order for the baby to be happy and comfortable, I ask that you turn up your heat about an hour prior to our session (80-85 degrees). It will feel hot to you so dress in layers…babies like it HOT! I will also bring a small space heater to help supplement. (in the summer, turn off the A/C).

*Each baby is an individual and as much as you may have a pose preference, your baby, first and foremost, dictates the poses and setups at the session.

*Please attempt to keep the baby awake prior to the session…the sleepier the baby, the easier to capture certain poses.

*Outside cameras, including those on phones and otherwise, or any other recording devices are not permitted during your session.

*Please dress the baby is loose comfortable clothing that is easy to remove or loosely wrapped in a warm blanket.

*It is highly likely that my blankets will get soiled during the session. This happens all of the time and all items get thoroughly cleaned before each session.

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