So some time between my first #84daysofsummer post and today’s post, #91daysofsummer, I realized that I miscounted our summer days because Labor Day is late this year.  So we have one more week to enjoy summer and a new hashtag!  Enjoy this look into our craziness.

8.1/91 zoo ant8_91

8.2/91 (iPhone) zoo tunnel silhouette8_91b

9/91 water slide9_91

10/91 chrome book10_91

11/91 new life skill11_91

12/91 brave and cold12_91

13/91 funnel cake13_91

14/91  children of the corn14_21

Happy Summer!

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I started #87daysofsummer last year and didn’t complete it.  I was doing great the first part of summer then I got behind on editing the images.  I still have images for that project and hopefully someday I will get a chance to get back to them.  This year thanks to a few snow days, my project is the #84daysofsummer.  I have successfully finished week 1.  It was a crazy busy week but we had fun!

lastday_11/84 last day of school, first day of summer

IMG_05212/84 Beam Practice
Untitled-1_13/84 Dress rehearsal
IMG_05334/84 …at the Carwash…IMG_02645/84 Gym recitalf1836935_16/84 Besties after recital

IMG_0560-2-copy7/84 jump!

It has been awhile since I split my high school senior business off from my family website.  Did you know that I have a whole site dedicated to senior photography?!?  I absolutely LOVE working with teenagers.  The kids are on the brink of a whole new world, and they inspire me so much.  If you haven’t checked out my senior work, hop on over to and browse around my galleries. I love shooting both girls and boys.

As the Class of 2015 graduate and move on from high school, it is time for the Class of 2016 to become the “seniors”.  It is time to start thinking about senior pictures…summer or fall?  I hear all of the time that my seniors looks so natural and relaxed…that is my goal with every session…I want this to be a fun, memorable experience that results in images that truly capture the personality of the senior.

Congrats to the #baseniors Class of 2015 – I wish you the best!kalamazoo senior pictures 2015

  • Jenny Miller - September 7, 2015 - 9:25 pm

    such great images! Love them!

  • Bonnie Littlejohn - August 2, 2016 - 7:07 pm

    I am interested in having my daughter’s senior pictures taken. If you could send me some information, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Becky - August 13, 2016 - 6:46 pm

    I contacted you via email!

I am working hard on a fun video of our weekend in Illinois during planting season…but it is taking longer than I thought.  So instead I will share a few peeks into our time there.  The girls helped Poppy plant soybeans and we could see the corn already sprouting up.  We also spent plenty of time at the pond…Lexi loves swimming there and the rest of enjoyed fishing for bass and bluegill.  No weekend in Milford is complete without golf cart rides and a trip to Great Grandma Lil’s house.  The girls are getting to be great drivers…no one hit a fence, gate or shed this time!

john deere and new corn
family fun fishing
Golf cart rides and summer swing