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So some time between my first #84daysofsummer post and today’s post, #91daysofsummer, I realized that I miscounted our summer days because Labor Day is late this year.  So we have one more week to enjoy summer and a new hashtag!  Enjoy this look into our craziness.

8.1/91 zoo ant8_91

8.2/91 (iPhone) zoo tunnel silhouette8_91b

9/91 water slide9_91

10/91 chrome book10_91

11/91 new life skill11_91

12/91 brave and cold12_91

13/91 funnel cake13_91

14/91  children of the corn14_21

Happy Summer!

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I started #87daysofsummer last year and didn’t complete it.  I was doing great the first part of summer then I got behind on editing the images.  I still have images for that project and hopefully someday I will get a chance to get back to them.  This year thanks to a few snow days, my project is the #84daysofsummer.  I have successfully finished week 1.  It was a crazy busy week but we had fun!

lastday_11/84 last day of school, first day of summer

IMG_05212/84 Beam Practice
Untitled-1_13/84 Dress rehearsal
IMG_05334/84 …at the Carwash…IMG_02645/84 Gym recitalf1836935_16/84 Besties after recital

IMG_0560-2-copy7/84 jump!

I am working hard on a fun video of our weekend in Illinois during planting season…but it is taking longer than I thought.  So instead I will share a few peeks into our time there.  The girls helped Poppy plant soybeans and we could see the corn already sprouting up.  We also spent plenty of time at the pond…Lexi loves swimming there and the rest of enjoyed fishing for bass and bluegill.  No weekend in Milford is complete without golf cart rides and a trip to Great Grandma Lil’s house.  The girls are getting to be great drivers…no one hit a fence, gate or shed this time!

john deere and new corn
family fun fishing
Golf cart rides and summer swing

There are many different photo projects out there.  I have participated in many: 365, 52 weeks, 10 on 10 and more.  I did the 365 project with an app called my365, capturing one image everyday.  Using my phone only made it less of a commitment and I always have my phone with me.   .  I am happy to say I completed it with a very high success rate – capturing 97% of the days if I remember correctly.  Now the 52 weeks project was a different story.  The object of my 52 weeks project was one photo each week for a whole year…the photo had to be of me and my children.  As the photographer in the family, I am often not in many photos.  One year I made it to 12 and the next year I made it to 3 or 4.   Someday I may try again but not any time soon.

This year I decided that I really wanted to capture our summer.  I saw some people posting about the 100 days of summer…but I decided to be more exact.  From the last day of school in the spring to the first day of school in the fall, my kids and I have 87 days.  Hence my 87 days of summer project.  My goal is to mostly take shots with my camera as opposed to my phone.  But I am human and sometimes the phone works just as well for the purpose of the project.

Enjoy days 1 thru 20.

1/87 {first and last} – first win, last game of the season

Portage AYSO soccer

2/87 {author} – before bed story writing

3/87 {sleeping bag 2-man luge} do not try this at home

3_87web4/87 {Fort Read} #notmyrealcamera #iphonetotherescue

4_87web5/87 {morning rain} …in their nightgowns

5_87web6/87 {dancer}  dress rehearsal 

excel dance photo7/87 {BFF} at the dance recital 

we love excel dance8/87 {recital} Gymnastics year end recital at Branch with Miss Jess

branch gymnastics kalamazoo9/87 {purple} Channeling cousin Aria

9_87web10/87 {mommy and me pedicure} #iphonepic #forgottotakeapicwithrealcamera

Vina Nails pedicure11/87 {touch the sky}

11_87web12/87 {the wild adventures of Mr. Toad}

12_87web13/87 {tandem}

13_87web14/87 {proud}  Most Dedicated Gymnast trophy in her group

Branch trophy15/87 {recipe} Both girls picked a recipe to make out of a cookbook from the library.

15_87web16/87 {photobomb}

16_87web17/87 {sister slumber party}

17_87WEB18/87 {sisters}

18_87WEB19/87 {chalk mermaids}

19_87web20/87 {swimdate}



Sometimes I forget how much I love taking photos of everyday life…of my own family.  Thankfully I know a great group of photographers who have a passion for lifestyle photography and we try to keep each other shooting.  We have decided to do a blog circle once a month – on the 10th of every month – sharing a bit of life in our homes.  Sometimes I might show you 10 favorites from the month…sometimes it might be 10 from the same day or even 10 from a single hour in our life.  This month, I am showing you snippets of our Friday night. Usually I love lifestyle images in black and white – but as you can see we often live our lives in color – bright, bright color!










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