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Mattawan Home Lifestyle Session – Becky Anderson Photography

I really love lifestyle sessions.  There is something about capturing the real life as a family that just melts me. I love that this family will always remember the time that the dog wanted to be a part of the family portraits too. They will always remember how their little girl was obsessed with trying to put on her cowboy boots by herself and then immediately kicked them back off. They will remember her “cheese” face as well as her natural laughing smile.  When she is 6, she will look back at these photos and tell the stories as if she remembered them (Believe me, I live this everyday with my 6 year old).  She will say “Remember that time that we had photos and I carried my lamby everywhere?  I tried to share it with the photographer.”   Even more so, when they move into their new house next year, they can all look back and remember this first house as a family of three who were waiting patiently for number four to arrive. (And this photographer is patiently waiting for their #4 as well…I love to cuddle newborns during their sessions!)

beautiful curly haired toddler girl with flower headband

dog licks toddler girl in family photos

beautiful toddler girl in cowboy bootsbeautiful toddler with lovie and curls

toddler girl reading with parents

Beautiful Summer Family Portraits in Crane Park – Becky Anderson Photography

Late spring and early summer is a beautiful time in Kalamazoo for family portraits.  Crane Park is full of flowers and everything is so green.  We had fun wandering thru the gardens and taking photos.  Brynn took a little bit to warm up but Miles was ready to go from the start.  I love how family sessions can capture the shyness, the laughter, the silliness and occasionally a little sass.  At the end as always at Crane Park, we did a little tree climbing in the coolest tree in the gardens.  It is always a favorite of the kids.

Crane Park Family Portraits
Kalamazoo Child Photographer

Kalamazoo family photos

Michigan child photographer

Kalamazoo sibling photographer - Becky Anderson Photography




Fall Family Fun {Becky Anderson Photography}

When Kristin told me she wanted to do a family session, she wasn’t sure how it would go. Often three year olds have minds of their own. But much to her surprise, the session was awesome…I like to think it is because I am funny and entertaining.  There were only a few tears at the session…all from one happy mama.  I love their outfits and even borrowed that pink scarf for my own family photos.  Enjoy!

Fall family portraits in KalamazooKalamazoo child portraitsKalamazoo Family photos

The Hart Family – Mattawan Family Photographer

I love seeing the same clients year after year.  I love watching them grow up!  Andrea had a fabulous idea for her photos this year and even brought some chalkboard props.  Aren’t they great?!?  If you love this idea, you are in luck – Andrea gave me the cute boards after their session.  This would be fun in the snow for a special valentine for your favorite Grandma!

Kalamazoo sibling photographer

Mattawan family photography

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