Tried It Tuesday: Mickey Washer Necklaces

Our Disney trip is coming up at the end of summer so I decided to make the girls some necklaces. These necklaces were inspired by a pin on Pinterest – a blog post from A Creative Princess. She made adorable Mickey necklaces out of washers, scrapbook paper and modpodge. Be sure to go check them out – super cute! I decided that since my girls love anything sparkly that I would switch it up and instead of using scrapbook paper, I would use nail polish. A note on Sally Hansen Extreme Wear…this stuff is super sparkly (not like other nail polishes that are a tint of color and a few sparkles). Solid glitter nails…need I say more? It also doesn’t flake off…spoken as a mom of girls who pick at their nail polish.

First I found the appropriate size washers. A quick google search told me that the ratio of head to ears for Mickey is 5:3. I put two coats of nail polish and one top coat for extra shine on each washer. Then I gorilla-glued them together. After they dried, I added the wire detail and bead. Still looking for a better bead for the top but that was all we had on hand. I even made myself one (which honestly will only be worn at Disney). I am thinking about making a single washer with sparkle and putting it on a silver chain.

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