Tried It Tuesday: Chicken Wire Photo Display

I have decided to start a new segment on my blog to share my love of all things pinterest. If you haven’t checked out, go do it now. You can make boards for all of your interests…some of mine include: photography inspiration, home decor, kid crafts, recipes, green living, parties and more. I find inspiration there daily. (Warning: Pinterest is very addictive.)

First up, a home decor project to display our family photos. As you may or may not know, we have recently moved back to Kalamazoo from the east coast. So although we have been here about 7 months, we are still settling into our new home. Each house (6 of them!) has been so different so our old displays don’t necessarily work in the new spaces. We had a fabulous year living in NYC shortly before moving “home”. Bernadette of Bernadette Uzcategui Photography captured our family in Manhattan last fall and the session was more than I could have dreamed of (Check it out!). I love EVERY single photo. It took me awhile to choose which to print large above our mantle. But I have always wished I could display them all. I want to look at them everyday – not have them hidden away on my computer or shelf. Along comes pinterest.

I found this perfect frame at the Crooked Lake/Eagle Lake garage sales for $5. Yep, $5. My original intention was to paint it because I am not really a gold kind of girl. But when I got it home and set it in my office. I realized that the tone of the frame matched my curtains (oranges, reds, yellow, greens). I decided to leave it as is (and truth be told, I have not had good luck with spray paint in the past). What I love even more about the frame is that it totally coordinates with the yellows in our family session. This project was completed with a frame (approx. 3ft x 4ft), chicken wire and a staple gun…along with some wire cutters to cut the chicken wire to size. Definitely doable by yourself but went much faster with help from my husband. I debated painting a block of color behind it or adding fabric or paper on the back but decided that I wanted the photographs to speak for themselves.

I am still on the hunt for smaller clothespins and have tried various other clips as well (see bottom pic for round paper clip look)…but I am in love with it. Better yet, it is above my desk so I get to see it everyday. Also, my office is visible to everyone who visits so they get to experience our session as well.

Here are the links that inspired me

Ashley Ann Photography

Chicken Wire Frame

Chicken Wire Collage

I swear my office always looks like this and I did not swipe piles onto the floor before taking the photo. No, really. Ha!

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