What to Wear Wednesday {Kalamazoo child photographer}

Love this spring look for your family photos! When people often ask me what to wear for their photos, I tell them to pick one item and build around it. Usually that item is easiest if it is Mom’s outfit or a cute girly print dress. In this combination, you can see that the coral and peach colors were pulled from the little girl’s dress to make an outfit for the older sister. All of the boys are dressed in some version of the green from the dress paired with a nice neutral like white or khaki. Mom’s beautiful khaki/beige dress works well with all of the others. Noone is dressed exactly alike but they all compliment each other. Even if you look at the various pairings (Mom and Dad, sisters, brothers, all of the kids, all of the girls, etc.), they all coordinate well. And the best part is everyone can dress to their own personality.

What to wear for spring family photos in Kalamazoo, Michigan

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