Happy Mother’s Day {Kalamazoo family photographer}

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my former and future clients, friends and family!!!

Every mother should make it a point to be in the photographs. Whether you hire someone for family photos or hand your camera to your husband, friend, family member, or a stranger, just get your relationship, your moments, your bond captured to be enjoyed for years to come. And don’t forget to pay it forward…when you are out and about at the zoo, in the city, at the lake, etc. and you see a mom taking a photo of her family, ask her if she wants to jump in the photo. (And get those dads with cameras in there too).

I vividly remember the day I was taking some photos of my family on a big rock in Central Park. Two ladies were walking by and offered to take a photo of all four of us. As nervewracking as it was to hand over my camera, I did it and I love having that image of my family. Everytime we went to the park after that (which was many, many times since we were living in Manhattan at the time), I kept my eye open for anyone who needed a kind stranger to help them get into their own family photos. Little did they know that I photograph people as my work and own my own photography business.

To celebrate, I thought I would share a few mom/child images from the past year.

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