Mine {Leah’s Rainbow Unicorn Party}

Mine.  I used to title these posts “mine on monday” with the intention of posting some personal photos every week.  The problem is that life happens and some Mondays I don’t have photos to post.  Or like yesterday, I spent 5 hours making 65 cupcakes for Leah’s 4th birthday today.  They were rainbow and beautiful but took WAY longer than I anticipated.  I may or may not be eating one right now as I type.

On to Leah’s birthday…the majority of these are trusty iphone photos.


In Leah’s world…life is full of unicorns and rainbows.  I was a little concerned when she said she wanted a rainbow unicorn party.  But never fear, Pinterest is here!  If you haven’t checked it out yet, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  Obviously I could think of rainbow food on my own and had already made a rainbow cake last year, but Pinterest inspired me beyond that.   The unicorn horn hat above was pinned originally from Hostess with the Mostess blog. The rainbow ribbon wands (in the photos below) were also inspired by pinterest – pinned from Style Me Pretty.  The rainbow on the cake was also inspired but unfortunately whoever pinned it did not do it the correct way as to lead back to the original source.  I had bought her a cute rainbow tee from old navy to wear with the rainbow tutu that I made her but she has her own opinions.

The cake.  It definitely takes more time than a basic cake but I love the moment of reveal when you first cut into it.  And homemade butter cream frosting makes it even better.  A couple of years ago I was tired of paying for cheap cake toppers in whatever theme my girls desired…so I invented my current “buy a real toy that can actually be played with” approach to cake toppers.  This year the ever so beautiful Princess Celestia (of My Little Pony fame) topped Leah’s cake.  Yes, I realize she is a pegasus unicorn…but she is still a unicorn.

(Side note: The grammar teacher in my head tells me that that should be “an unicorn” but that just sounded wrong.  So I looked it up…”an” is used before a vowel SOUND and “a” is used before a consonant SOUND.  Long U sounds actually begin with a Y sound – like “yoo”.  And there is your grammar lesson for the day. You are welcome.)

I found a great unicorn pinata at Party City.  It was very entertaining to watch the guys try to hang it from a tree with an orange electrical cord – look out MacGyver.  After some pinata fun outside, Leah wore the sacrificial unicorn on her head 🙂

Sigh…I can’t believe my baby is 4.

Why yes, there may have been a bit of a hair singe during candle blowing.

More iphone details!


  • Mary Ann O. - April 17, 2012 - 4:04 pm

    Great photos!! Great party!!! Great kid!!!