Mr. Ayden {Harkness Park family photography}

Ayden was my very first newborn and then I also photographed him at one.  Now he is TWO.  It amazes me how much he changes each time I see him – isn’t he just adorable?!?!  This shoot was special just for him…he is soon going to be an awesome big brother and little miss will get her very own newborn session next month.



And a special outtake for Priscilla. She and I were trying to keep him on the stairs for a moment instead of trying to run down them like the boy he is. His mom pointed and told him to look at the birdie above his head. At that exact moment, the bird took off with wings-a-flappin’ and poor Ayden was terrified and started crying. We had to move out to the open field after that because he didn’t want to be by any bushes or trees. I will admit we had a good laugh at his expense. Later that night, he was still talking about “pictures with Miss Becky and the scary bird”. This shot was right as the bird popped up (upper left blur)!

  • Jaidean - May 23, 2011 - 10:27 pm

    He is so cute! Love that middle shot!

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