Mine on Monday {NYC child photographer}

undefinedConfession: I debated cropping Leah out.  Hannah just looks so adorable to me in this photo…Leah, well, Leah looks like Leah.  When I try to photograph her, even just playing at the playground, she makes it SO difficult.  The photographer in me goes away and I become THAT mommy.  The one who yells “Leah, look over here. Leah!  Look right at the camera.  Smile! (which is almost as bad a “Cheese!”).  Say “Dora!”.”  I try anything.  It rarely works.  I can get other people’s kids to interact with me…just not my almost 3 year old.  As I tried out different crops…I decided that this photo will always make me smile when I remember how stubborn my little one can be…not to mention how scrappy her hair looks when it isn’t restrained in ponytails.

We are going on vacation next week…and my goal is to relax and maybe hide behind a pool chair or large Disney character and capture Leah in her element.  She has the cutest little “I am up to something” grin.  And her nose still wrinkles when she smiles.  I will try my hardest not to tell her to look at me and my camera.  I am not promising anything because I think we are both set in our ways regarding our relationship with each other when a camera is involved.

  • Sabrina - March 14, 2011 - 1:21 pm

    After having to deal with my daughter, you deserve a medal for patience! Even as a non-professional photographer mom (or Mamarazzi, as I’ve labeled myself) I struggle with this – even with Matthew! There’s always something more interesting to look at or the collective “ugh, not again!” look of exasperation you get when trying to get the *perfect* picture. You have a fabulous eye through the camera that even if your subject is not looking at you, it still tells a story! But yes, I completely understand the mommy frustration about wanting BOTH of your kids looking at you directly with the best, non-cheesy smile they can muster!

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