2010 faves – Day 4 {kids}

I have photographed the H family two years in a row.  And usually I end up giving Amy just a little more blog/facebook love than Matthew.  I have a slight obsession with Amy’s gorgeous curly hair.  But today it is Matthew’s turn.  I can’t get over how beautiful his eyes are.  Girls will go crazy over those eyes someday!

Random NYC observation:  I am not sure anyone cooks here.  By the sheer magnitude of delivery guys on bicycles, the incredible number of restaurants that deliver (just to my apartment there are 206!),  the number of people carrying takeout on their way home from work and the cool places with hot, gourmet food bars that are always full of people…there can’t possibly be many people that cook their meals at home.  We make it a point to cook a few meals every week but come on, we are in NYC and we ARE going to order takeout!!!!

  • Sabrina - December 19, 2010 - 9:46 pm

    Aw, I love that Matthew got blog/facebook love today! He is definitely our ladies man, though he was pretty subdued the day of our pictures! Thanks for choosing him as a favorite of 2010! 🙂

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