Weekend Dish – Chorico and Goat Cheese Pizza

We decided to make some Mexican Pizza on the grill…so while searching for inspiration, I decided to look for a pizza with chorizo – instead of ground beef.  While this pizza was not our original intention for “mexican” pizza, it sounded so fabulous that we postponed the traditional mexican pizza (taco meat, cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomato, etc) for something a little more interesting.   Not only did my google skills find me this fantastic recipe – but also a new favorite blog to follow.   Check out A Cozy Kitchen!  The grilled breakfast pizza intrigues me.

I mostly followed their recipe – as much as I follow a recipe anyway.  And we made our Chorico pizza on the grill (our fave way to make it!)

First I buy my fresh pizza dough from the grocery store.  For locals, I buy it at Stop and Shop.  The Groton SNS carries it by the tortillas and cheese.  The Uncasville SNS carries it by the cookie dough.  We buy the whole wheat version – not only is it better for us AND tasted better…it is also easier to work with than the white dough.  Trust me on this one.  I have also heard that you can buy fresh bags of dough from pizza places.

1.  Heat your grill on High and oil up the grill rack.

2.  Grab a cookie sheet and flip it over – use the bottom.  Spray liberally (I use Pam) and dust with flour so the dough doesn’t stick.

3.  Pretend you are a pizza thrower…don’t drop the dough.  Really I use gravity to stretch it out and keep turning it to stretch it to desired thickness.

4.  Place dough on grill (promise it really doesn’t fall thru the grill).  Cook three minutes (or to desired color on bottom side).  Andy likes a little bit of black.  Hannah and I do not.

5.  Flip dough cooked side up onto same cookie sheet.  Raw dough will be down on cookie sheet.

6.  Now you top it with favorite toppings  (see section below for this specific pizza)

7.  Take pizza back to grill to cook the rest of the dough and melt cheese.  Grill on low this time to allow time to melt the cheese and heat toppings.  Approx. 7 minutes on our grill.


a.  Spread marinara sauce over cooked dough.

b.  Top with approxiamately 3 oz of goat cheese.  (I made a mistake and bought the chevre brand which is more spreadable and messier to use.  I would recommend using the logs of goat cheese)

c.  Top with 1 link of Portuguese chorico – a firm sausage – not crumbly like Mexican chorizo.  Chorico was previously sliced and sauteed.

d.  Top with 1/2 cup of corn.  (I did not use fresh corn – I used canned sweet corn and sauteed it with the chorico to flavor it up and brown it up a bit)

e.  After the pizza is fully cooked, add diced avocado (1/2 avocado) to the top.

This pizza was so good that we used the leftover corn, avocado, goat cheese and chorico to make it again the very next day!  Yum!

  • Jim - August 17, 2010 - 8:52 pm

    And complete with a fantastic photo!!! Wow!

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