Mini-sessions – #2 {Kalamazoo family photographer}

These beautiful children are from my second minisession while in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Seriously, how adorable are they?  I know Andrea really wants a family shot of all five of them but when I saw this photo of her older daughter, I was struck by how much she looks like her mom did at that age…I just had to get it on the blog.  (Yes, Andrea and I went to school together back in the day and if not for the wonders of facebook, I wouldn’t have been able to meet her wonderful family.)  Then of course, if I put Gabriella on the blog…I couldn’t leave out Jackson and cute little Delaney!  I promise to share a family shot at a later date but I couldn’t resist these cute faces for today!

Miss Gabriella

Jackson (we also got a few fun golf ones of this guy!)

Delaney girl – check out her curls!

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