Mine on Monday

My girls have always loved Moose and Zee on Noggin…and I have never been able to find any commercial items with Moose and Zee. We own lots of Dora, Princesses, Kai-lan items like toys, shirts, pjs, books, coloring books etc…but we were lacking in the Moose and Zee department. When Hannah saw a break on Noggin showing how to make your own Moose and Zee snuggles pillows, she was delighted. So off to the craft store, we went. Since Poppy and Nanny are visiting, Hannah decided they should help with this craft. Snuggle Pillow directions

Here are a few quick pics of our project. Hannah has claimed Zee as her own and decided that Leah would prefer Moose. Embarrassingly enough, in the photo below, Leah is snuggling Moose, wearing a Kai-lan shirt and watching Dora. Noggin (or should I say Nick Jr. now?) has invaded my house. And I swear I never thought I would buy my kids character shoes….until I saw the joy that Dora shoes and light-up princess snow boots can bring!

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