three out of four cousins {CT family photographer}

While I was visiting back in Michigan, I had a mini photoshoot with my niece and nephew, along with Hannah and Leah. One of the four chose not to participate…yes, you guessed it…my 15 month old angel wasn’t having it that day. Leah has a mind of her own.

Ayden is 12. In fact, he celebrated his 12th birthday while we were in town. Really?!? 12?!? I find it hard to believe. I remember when he was born…(excuse me while I date myself here)…I had just graduated from college and was enjoying my summer before hitting the real world. I also remember people thinking that his name was SO different…he was ahead of the times. It is hard to believe that he is so grown up. I wish we lived closer and the girls could see their cousins more often.


I totally see my brother Bil in this photo. Maybe not the Bil of today so much…but I see the 12 year old Billy.


Aria is also growing up. She is such a beautiful girl and so photogenic. Fabulous eye contact in almost every photo. Some day Bil is going to have to scare all of the boys away. Hannah definitely had a girl crush on cousin Aria. We gave Hannah a little pedicure to match Aria’s blue one.

olsons-12 copy

Love this shot of the three of them. Hannah is just looking in adoration, isn’t she? Two minutes earlier Leah was screaming on Aria’s lap, then Ayden’s lap, then we just let her go play with Daddy.

And this may be my favorite shot of the session.

  • Kim - August 15, 2009 - 4:50 pm on that last photo. STUNNING. You can definitely tell Hannah loves her cousins. Sweet photos!

  • Rebecca - August 17, 2009 - 7:58 pm

    Pretty much what Kim said. 🙂 I LOVE that last shot! I’d love one of me and my brother like that. Hannah is SO CUTE with them!

  • […] My brother and his family were out for a visit and we had plans of a cousins photo session.  Well, they happened to be here right during all of that rain and flooding.  No outdoor session for us – we will have to wait until we are back in Michigan in June.  I did take some photos in Foxwoods just for fun.   Ayden is 12 and Aria just turned 10 this weekend!  Hannah and Leah had so much fun with their cousins and can’t wait to see them again.  You may recognize them from last summer! […]

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