Flashback Friday: Blue-eyed Nathan Edition {CT children’s photographer)

Back in April, I was back in Michigan visiting family and friends and got my first chance to meet baby Nathan. It was bittersweet. He was already 4 months old and I felt like I missed so much of his life already. He had the most striking blue eyes and such a happy disposition. Here are a few shots that I haven’t previously shared .aprilnathan-1
aprilnathan-2 copy

Fast forward to August…when I got to see sweet Nathan again. He is now such a big boy with those same gorgeous blue eyes. Our session was fun and messy. We arrived at Crane Park in Kalamazoo first thing in the morning…right after they mowed the dew-kissed grass. We all walked away with grass stuck to us and green tinted skin and clothes. Nathan thought that the grass clippings were fabulous. He even thought they were tasty too.

Hope you guys enjoy this sneak peek of Nathan!

nathan-6 copy

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